Three Golden Nuggets To Help Your Golf, by Gary Wiren, PhD

By Dr. Gary Wiren, PGA Master Professional, Sr. Director of Instruction for all Trump Golf Properties & Chairman of Golf Around the World,

If you have been listening to economic soothsayers you will have heard for sometime that with a 19 trillion dollar deficit the value of our currency, the dollar, will soon drop like a rock. A common recommendation is to funnel your assets into precious metals, like GOLD. So I thought we'd add some value to our list of three tips to improve your game and refer to them as "GOLDEN NUGGETS."


I recently turned 80 yrs of age as you will note in another article in this issue of Florida Golf Magazine. On my birthday I drove a golf ball that was measured by both Trackman and Flight Scope (electronic sensor devices) to have traveled 320.1 yards.

Dr. Gary Wiren, PGAGary Wiren on the 14th tee at Trump International Golf Club

That is not an accident. As one homespun philosopher once put it: When You Do What You Do You'll Get What You Got. So what do I do? I build physical exercise routinely into my daily life like this:

First thing in the morning is the foam roller (look it up) that gives me a massage and a chiropractic treatment. I then go out to the patio and use six swinging devices that build strength, speed, and technique. I have hand grips in the TV room, in my car, at my desk, I have a workout routine every morning, even in the bathroom, doing exercises for strength and flexibility. While I shave I do (ab isometrics), brush my teeth (100 squats), apply sun screen (leg up on the vanity for hamstring stretches) etc. Make up your own and build them into everyday things you also do. On my way into my office is a door with a "Gym in a Bag" exercise tool that grabs my attention before going through. In addition I do some light jogging around the block, go to the gym three days a week, plus eat in moderation and drink lots of water. Try it and by doing what you do you will "Get What You Got."

How could one possibly expect to learn to play the piano if they didn't practice? Or how about becoming an excellent chef, an accomplished hair dresser, or juggler, or race car driver, or debater, or home builder, or, or, or, whatever.
YOU MUST PRACTICE!!!....BUT...YOU ALSO MUST PRACTICE CORRECTLY. That is where the teacher can come in, to make sure that your mechanics are the ones that will produce the best results from your investment in practice. Because you are not playing golf for a livelihood, you may not have a lot of time to practice your game. If so, know that short but regular practice stints will probably bring you the best results.

For example, my brief sessions every morning of just five to seven minutes during my swing workout on the patio does wonders for how I want my swing to feel while also building it physically. Put all together it adds up to correct practice, regular practice, and practice in regular short segments. Do it to get better. And there you are, THREE GOLDEN NUGGETS to shoot better scores and enjoy the game more.

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