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Golf’s Ironman Gary Wiren: At 80 he’s still got game and drives a golfball 300 yards.

On his 80th birthday Dr. Gary Wiren demonstrated for everyone at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach Florida that he can still hit a three hundred yard drive.

      Gary Wiren celebrated his 80th birthday the best way he knows how-by combining his love for golf and fitness. Wiren showed up at Trump International Golf Club-where he is PGA Master Professional instructor-determined to show he could still hit a long drive. The goal was to reach 300 yards, and he surpassed that. Talk about a birthday bash.
      Wiren utilized both Trackman and Flight Scope shot analyzers, each giving data. Wiren was able to achieve with one of his better attempts a drive that projected to 321 yards, and a club head speed at 114.7 mph. “I was happy with the numbers,” said Gary.
      Dr. Wiren told Florida Golf Magazine, “October fifth was the "80th birthday drive day. I prepared, with my wife Ione's help (a healing touch session and plenty of protein the days preceeding) and with the assistance of some others, setting up at the site, and the landing area for the long drive on #1 at Trump International Golf Club, in West Palm Beach.”
"The reason why many older men stop playing golf is they get frustrated when they can't hit the ball far enough to reach par-4s in two shots anymore. Women are less ego-involved but generally in need of more distance. It's inevitable that as we age we lose strength and flexibility, but many golfers let it happen too soon.
      I wanted to prove to people that just because you get older, it doesn’t mean you still can’t hit a golf ball a long way.”

Dr. Gary Wiren on his 80th birthday.

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