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Tony Ruggiero demonstrates incorrect impact with “chicken wing”

“Get rid of the Chicken Wing”
By Tony Ruggiero, Instructor, Hank Johnson School of Golf at Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort,
& Host of "The Dewsweepers" Radio Show

              I probably have one question asked of me more than any other in regards to golf swing flaws. "How do I get rid of that nasty chicken wing during my follow through?" And I don't mean the ones you put hot sauce on. Every avid golfer knows how deadly the so-called chicken wing is, and how hard it is to get rid of. Well here is a start.
              First of all we need to understand what happens and why and when a golfer suffers from the dreaded chicken wing. It is when your left arm (for right handed players) buckles and looks like a chicken wing through impact and after.
              What should happen at impact and through the ball is the body has rotated past the ball and your left arm is straight and extended and your left wrist is flat rather than the folded left arm and cupped left wrist which occurs when the pivot stalls and creates the image of the chicken wing in the golfers mind! This happens when the pivot motion, the rotation of your trunk, slows down or stalls through impact. The left arm folds as the pivot stalls. The way to fix this is to fix your pivot. Learn to hit the ball more with the trunk of your body and not with your hands and arms.

              I have talked about it many times before here in Florida Golf Magazine and on The Dewsweepers but the best way to fix your full swing is by learning to reach a correct impact position in short pitching and chipping shots.
              Overcoming the infamous chicken wing is going to be no different. We are going to learn to use our body to move the club through the ball rather than allowing our arms and hands to move the club. We are going to match the swing of arms with the speed that our body is turning. One thing we do not want is for the arms to be swinging or moving faster than our body is turning. This will result in the arms and clubs running past our body pivot and creating the chicken wing!
              Here is a thought that may help some of you. Feel as if the clubhead, your hands and the buttons on the shirt are moving together in unison and at the same speed. For most of you this will feel as if you are slowing down the pace in which the clubhead is moving as well as having to turn your buttons on your shirt (trunk) more.
              Looking for a way to practice this at your practice facility with a training aid? Go to your local store and/or garage and find a nerf ball. When you get back on the practice tee hit pitch shots with the nerf ball between your forearms. Hit shots without letting the ball fall or drop out. To do this will help you learn to use your pivot to hit the ball. You will feel instantly how it feels to correctly move your arms and club with your pivot. You will find that after hitting a few simple little pitches that you are hitting more solid and crisp shots.
              If you continue to use this simple drill and these practice images your pivot will continue to improve and your chicken wing will disappear. Bur even more importantly your ball striking will improve and your scores are bound to fall.
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