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On The Level Golf Tees

Through patented design features, On The Level Golf Tees eliminate the margin of error and provide increased accuracy, improved trajectory and a consistent striking distance height.

An independent testing facility was hired by the On The Level team to produce a trial where the striking height and placement level of the ball were explored. The study looked at the distance and accuracy of a ball struck when the tee was perfectly erect or slightly bent toe or heel. The study also covered potential trajectory difference variables in the height and level of the tee.

The complete study revealed that tee placement is an impact factor in drive distance and accuracy. The largest delta, or difference between two strikes, was 34 yards. When a traditional tee is placed in the ground, even the slightest deviation from straight and level correlated to shorter drives under every single measurement. On The Level will make a difference in your game.

• Level tees consistently outdistanced those even slightly askew.
• Just a 1/4 inch variant in level resulted in more than 20 yards less distance.
• Competitive data showed that as little as a two-degree tilt resulted in 14 fewer yards.
Simply put, On The Level Golf Tees has been proven to make you more accurate and hit the ball farther.
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Straight Aim Putters

Straight Aim Putters were created by a product design expert to meet the need for a simple, easy-to-use, aiming line designed for effectiveness rather than visual gimmickery.

Straight Aim Putters feature: a sharp, white line against a non-reflective, light-absorbing background; face-balance, extreme heel-toe weighting and virtual center shafting for stability; insert options for fast greens; increased face height; RH/ LH; ball pick-up; customizing for shaft and weight variables, others available at online at

Pricing under $100. For more info visit

Never-Search For Golf Travel Map Software

The Never-Search for Golf software map shows the exact location of every golf facility in the US. Just by clicking on any coded flag appearing on the map opens a detailed information profile of the course, including; number of holes, back tee yardage, par, greens fees, slope, rating, address, phone number, whether it has a driving range, course designer, and if the course has a website, there’s a link to it, all this saving you countless hours of searching on the Internet.

With Never-Search Golf Trip Planning software, going from golf range to the wide open road has never been easier or more dependable!

1. Simply load software onto your PC from a DVD or download from our website.
2. NEVER-SEARCH acts like a virtual website when you're connected to the Internet. It's Internet enabled, but not Internet dependent. Use it as a stand-alone travel map when you're without the Internet.
3. Connect to our site to receive updates to the software.
4. Add locations of friends, businesses, hotels, favorite restaurants, etc. and view them all on the same map at the same time.
5. Select the categories of golf courses (resorts, private, muni's, etc.) and other Points of Interest (POI's) to display on the map by clicking on the Places folders.

For more information on the "Never Search For Golf" Software
call: 408-605-5860 or visit (MSRP) $39.95

Page 18 From Winter 2013 Florida Golf Magazine ©Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved. Subscribe at
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