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Golf Datatech Reports Rounds Played at Record High Levels for 2012

Golf Datatech, LLC (, the golf industry’s leading independent research firm for consumer, trade and retail golf trends, announced on November 15, 2012 that rounds played in 2012 have increased significantly and are trending towards record high levels for the year. The trending growth in rounds played, which are at levels not previously experienced since 2006, are backed by findings that show consistent, favorable weather conditions throughout the country, based on reports provided by Weather Trends, International.

“For the first nine months of 2012, Golf Rounds Played throughout the U.S. are at an all-time high in terms of percentage increase, up 7.5% over 2011,” said Golf Datatech’s Tom Stine. “This is the largest jump in rounds played since we began tracking them in 1999. With the weather data from Weather Trends, International, it is easy to conclude that favorable temperatures and low precipitation throughout the year has been the biggest contributing factor. However, we also hope that the golf industry’s ‘grow the game’ efforts are beginning to pay dividends and play a part in this noteworthy increase.”

Stine adds, “It’s sadly ironic that these findings have come out just as the Northeast was hit with a devastating hurricane that has impacted so many individuals personally, while causing extensive damage to homes, businesses, schools and leisure facilities, such as golf courses. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the storm.”

In spite of the devastating hurricane, full year data on the entire country, including the Northeast, speaks very positively for the entire golf industry. Key findings in the study include the following:

The East North Central region, which includes Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan, has reported a 13.4% increase in rounds played year-to-date, the most significant increase in the country. The average temperature has increased by 4.2° as compared to 2011, while the precipitation has decreased 31%.

In the South Atlantic region, which consists of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and Maryland, rounds played increased by only 3.7% as compared to 2011, which demonstrates the smallest increase in the country. The average temperature increase was only 1° as compared to 2011, and there was no change in the amount of precipitation.

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About Golf Datatech, LLC
Golf Datatech, LLC was established in 1995, and since that time it has become the industry’s golf standard for accurate and timely information on the retail sales, inventory, pricing, and distribution of golf products through the on and off course channels.  In 1998, the Company extended its reach into consumer research and strategic sales and marketing consulting. In 2006, the Company expanded its retail and consumer research programs into the United Kingdom and in 2008 added markets in Europe. Golf Datatech now produces the first-ever electronically driven golf retail sales reports for the UK, Sweden and Germany.

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